How to transfer domain registration to HostingSpecialty.

Sunday, 30 March 2014 | Views: 531

You can transfer domain names to Hosting Specialty Solutions that were registered elsewhere in order to have all of the control elements of your site consolidated under one login and payment system. As with all domain registrar transfers, there will be a one year extension to your domain registration period. The additional year's registration fee is paid when the transfer is initiated.

Before you initiate a domain registrar transfer, you must prepare the domain for transfer.

1.Unlocking the domain if it is locked 2.Disabling whois privacy if it is enabled 3.Ensuring that you have access to the admin contact email address 4.Obtaining the transfer authorization - or EPP - key

You should contact your domain registrar directly if you require more details on how to prepare your domain name for transfer.

Now, you can begin the transfer process in your Control Panel, under the Domains Tab, clicking the Transfer Domain Name button and enter the domain to be transferred..

When you initiate the transfer, an email will be sent to the current admin contact for the domain. The email contains a link to an authorization page, where you can approve or deny the transfer request. You will need the authorization code from your previous domain registrar to complete the approval.

Once you have approved the transfer to us, the actual transfer between the two registrars can take up to two days. Depending on who the old registrar is.

Your transfer will then be complete.

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